ISAIAH 38:20

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And the LORD was ready to save me.  Therefore I will sing my songs to stringed instruments
                    all the days of my life in the house of the LORD.  -Isaiah 38:20


Devon & Rebecca
(“Daddy & Mommy”)
(age withheld!)

Thank you for visiting our family’s music website!  We love singing and playing on stringed instruments to the Lord and learning and playing music together as a family.  We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and we hope to see you soon!

Emma, age 12

Emma is a super-special girl who loves music.    Her passion and energy are quickly recognized through her fiddlin’ and singing.  It’s always fun to hear Emma sing, if just to listen for which harmony she’s going to sing this time! :)

Annie, age 10

Annie is sweet-hearted and joyful.  Annie loves playing the banjo and the fiddle and her enthusiasm is contagious.   Annie sings lead and harmony and it’s great fun to hear her yodel!

Abby, age 10

Abby is our caring and spunky “critter-lover”.   Her bright smile comes through in the sound of her mandolin pickin’ and her fiddlin’.  Abby beautifully sings lead and harmony.


Heidi, age 8

Heidi is bright and creative.  From the youngest of age, she has loved, and been moved by, music.   She is a delight to watch and hear as she fiddles and sings.

Gabe, age 6

It’s a boy!!! J Gabe is a caring and protective “big brother” to his sisters.  He LOVES music (especially anything that has swing) and wants to play every instrument he’s ever heard!  Gabe sings and chops the mandolin.  He just got his first guitar!




 Lydia Joy, age 2  

Lydia truly is a Joy!  She can also  really “wail a tune!”  She is also our back-up bass player (when she sits in a back-pack on Mommy’s back and plucks the bass while Mommy is playing it)!